God Died in 1993
Jul 03
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May 20
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i don’t think he understands what he’s just done


i don’t think he understands what he’s just done

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Apr 22
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For the record, I’m everybody’s type.

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Feb 24
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"We got lucky with Jackson"

Me: *gross sobbing*

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Feb 22

i literally just started crying about jackson jfc

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Dec 11
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actual season 3b footage of the true masked man 

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Nov 21
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princessofattolia sent: The song about Miss Jackson by P!atD makes me think of drag queens but also Jackson Whittemore which idk I get the feeling he'd cross-dress if Lydia told him to and secretly like it. Like when Dean Winchester was talking to AU!Dean and proved his identity by saying they tried on that one girl's panties that one time and kinda liked it

I am so in love with this you don’t even understand.

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Nov 01
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teen wolf character meme: one character
♡ jackson whittemore

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Aug 17
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Jun 06
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#no one was more unimpressed with the kanima storyline than jackson himself

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